Tuesday, November 03, 2009

It's my Birthday!

BT Toons - Dark Fission V

The current storyline is now starting to heat up. We're past the introductory phase, and into more character introductions - specifically, Texxor and his lackey Janus. I'm bringing in quite the villain cast here! (Though to be fair, Traang and Mouseking are VERY minor league as far as the story goes - they may show again, but there's not really much use for them now save for their storyrole as lead minions in carrying out tasks.)

Texxor... well, I'm not going to say much about him at this point. To say anything would result in a convoluted diatribe. All I'm going to say is that though this is his first real appearance, he has shown up before...

As for Janus, she's a minion of his - a shifter, capable of assuming the form/voice of anyone or any creature. Though to call her a minion is to assume she's treated with some shred of dignity... again, she's a character who may not have much now, but this is her introduction after all.

But aside from comic stuff, more importantly! It's my birthday today!

And what better way to celebrate than with opening up a brand spanking new Fansproject G3 Trailer for my Classics Prime! I'd had my eye on this sucker since I saw the near-finished version at TFcon, and Vangelus' video review just sold me on it further. As with the "Commander" series mold FP has also made (I have Powered Commander), the build quality is VERY solid and it feels like an incredibly sturdy product.

One incredibly awesome gimmick the trailer has is the ability to dock the Commander trailers onto its rear - a dock folds out from underneath the trailer,complete with wheels, and the armor trailer attaches to it, allowing Prime to pull two trailers, EACH with their own pivot. A great bonus if you own the Powered Commander armor like I do - you get quite the Convoy! (is shot due to the bad pun)

Though the trailer is like its G1 namesake in that it opens up, has the repair drone, and Roller launches from inside (the launcher works INCREDIBLY well and far better than the G1 trailer), it also has a number of extras that just make it go from cool to awesome. First of all, it's not just a trailer - it also comes with CHROMED weapons for Classics/Henkei/Universe Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Grimlock, Hound, and Mirage. All the weapons fit very well, and all add a LOT to the figures. (Only one I'm not a huge fan of is Hound's - it would have been nice for it to mount on his shoulder in robot mode. But Grimlock's sword is LOVE and completes the figure).

And, of course, the feature they kept top secret for the longest time... stealth mode. A VERY unexpected bonus, this is an attempt to explain what happens to Prime's trailer whenever he transforms- the ENTIRE surface of the trailer is covered with mirrors. When positioned correctly, this stealth mode looks just AWESOME.

Overall, the G3 trailer is a GREAT set. I haven't even covered all the features on it - I just talked about what I photographed. It doesn't have the playability that the Commander armor does in making your Prime molds look utterly badass, but as a trailer it is VERY well done and of the superb quality that's expected of Fansproject. Bring on Defender and Protector already!!!

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